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Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill - Playa Sonrisa Xcalak, Mexico_EN

Welcome to Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill


Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill Accepts CASH ONLY 💲 Dollars or Pesos

There is NO BANK or ATM in Xcalak
Local commerce is cash only

Deluxe Caribe Breakfast Buffet Included

Dark Roast Coffee & Hot Tea Selection

 Homemade Bread & Muffins, Fresh Tropical Fruits & Juices and juevos del dia (egg of the day)

Served 8am to 10am Daily

Start Your Day off with our Famous Mimosas & Bloody Mary's ~ $4 US

Lunch Served Daily

Honolulu Tuna Wraps
Heartland Turkey Sandwich
Santa Fe Chicken Quesadillas
Los Cabos Shrimp Quesadillas
Montana Roast Beef Sandwich
Key West Grouper Burger
Fresh Guacamole~Chips
$6 ~ $12 US

Now Serving Brick Oven Pizzas!

Cocktail & Dinner Parties

Offered Mon-Fri for Resort Guests Only. We recommend that on "off" nights, you head to Xcalak to enjoy local cuisine. 

Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill Offers a Variety of Local Seafood & Eclectic Specialties

Chef's Choice Daily Includes Chef Choice Appetizer & Homemade Bread

Dinner Menu  $20-35 US

Dessert of the Day ~ $3.5 US

Open To The Public Saturdays

Saturdays are clothing required nights as we open Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill to the public and offer a variety of live music 5pm to 10pm. Reservations strongly recommended if you plan to join us for dinner. Or take the night and visit Mahahaul or Xcalak and take in the local cuisine. Just as we respect the privacy of our guests, we want to provide a 5-Star Experience for our Saturday patrons as well.

Welcome Happy Hour

Join us for Happy Hour everyday! 

We have a full bar, vine by the glass or bottle and plenty of cold beer! We love meeting with our guests before dinner and getting to know you.

Happy Hour starts:

 6:30pm (winter) | 7pm-ish (summer)

Honor Bar: Pour Your Own... Hangover

USD Prices

Vino ~ $4
Cold Beer ~ $3
Cuba Libre ~ $4
Tiki Teal Signature Punch ~ $6
Grande Margaritas ~ $5
Reposado Sippin'  Tequila ~ $3
Body Shots ~ Priceless!


Please cover all plumbing below the waist in restaurant during all meals. 

On Saturdays, when the restaurant is open to the public, we request that full clothing be worn at all times after 5pm in and around the restaurant. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. You are welcome to join us for dinner, drinks & live music along with the public on Saturdays (clothed of course!) Reservations recommended in high season. 


The bar is open all day on the Honor System ~ cold beer, soft drinks, a snack box and cocktails are available at very reasonable rates.
Ice cubes are made the old fashioned way in small trays (with purified water) - so bar drinks are cold but coolers cannot be filled.
If you choose to bring your own beer & booze for your room you must provide your own ice as well.  
(We have Igloo coolers to loan & bags of ice are usually available to buy in the village.)