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Everything You Need To Know

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Amenities, Activities , Communications & Cash

ALL ROOMS have patios, private bathrooms, hot/cold showers, fans, safe lock-box, purified drinking water, soap, shampoo, bedding, bath towels and beach towels provided, with maid service daily (ex Sunday).  Reading lights next to all beds.

Prices include Deluxe Caribe Breakfast Buffet and purified bottled drinking water.

High Speed Free Wi-Fi is available in Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill,  in the rooms and on the beach.

Electric power is standard 120 V with 2-prong outlets. Power is available 24/7 for Lights & Fans.

~ However ~


Our solar & battery system requires some basic Conservation Practices
Please - NO hair dryers, curling irons, coffee makers or hot plates.
No problem with battery chargers for cameras, laptops, etc. but anything with a heating element is prohibited.

Currently there is NO phone service in Xcalak, no land-lines or cellular service. 
The closest cell signal is in Mahahual, about a 1 hr drive. (Beware roaming fees & international call rates).

We recommend WiFi calling if available with your cell phone service. It works great! And WhatsApp is a great free app to call/text from your phone for FREE.

Please feel free to leave our email address. - [email protected] -  with your boss or family for emergency contact.

We do offer free high-speed internet Wi-Fi resort wide.  Please keep in mind that streaming is NOT recommended. You're not here to watch movies in your bungalow...right?

Weather is unpredictable, but you'll NEVER be shoveling snow or scraping ice from your windshield at Playa Sonrisa!

January - Feb - March
Commonly referred to as "High Season" it's most popular not because the weather is perfect  here, but because it is far from perfect up north and many snowbirds want to escape from the cold. We are located in the tropics, but at latitude of 18° North it is our "winter" also, so us "tropical wimps" can sometimes get chilly. But 'chilly' is a relative term - Canadians laugh  (albeit politely). Our overnight lows in "winter" only dip down to the 60s, or on rare occasions into the upper 50s. But then daytime highs typically get into the mid-70s to low-80s with plenty of sunshine, so it is certainly pleasant enough to enjoy the beach & water activities.

April - May - June
The best weather of the year is late spring & early summer, which curiously enough coincides with a lower number of visitors. These months truly enjoy more days of "perfect" weather than 'not quite perfect'.

August - September - October
"Low Season" is also known as rainy season - but that does NOT mean steady rain - even in rainy season MOST days are predominately sunny with only occasional showers. Tropical storms or hurricanes are the only times where it pours for days on end, and typically pass in 36~72 hrs. Statistically there is less than a 5% chance of a tropical storm or hurricane disrupting your particular week

Obviously late summer in the Tropics can be hot & humid, although it is quite tolerable if you stay casual while enjoying the refreshing breeze coming off the Caribbean Sea. And what better time for a beach vacation than summer? Summer also is the best time to snorkel and/or scuba dive with (normally) flat water for maximum visibility conditions. October is the least pleasant weather, the wettest month of the year, and so the mosquitoes & chiquistes (no-see-ums) can be bothersome. Fortunately we usually enjoy a fresh offshore breeze which keeps the insects seeking refuge in the jungle not on the beach (at least until around sunset). During autumn months you will enjoy lower rates and good deals on airfare & rental cars, and not as many people. Just bring a lightweight pair of long pants to cover your legs in the evenings, and insect repellent if you are one of those people who mosquitos prefer most.

November - December
When the rains go away, so do the bugs. And these months bring the return of cooler nights to go along with pleasant days, and continued off-peak pricing.

Yes...We have a very talented massage therapist that comes from Mahahaul.  We usually have her come at least one time during the week.  You can contact us anytime or at check-in to schedule your appointment in our Beach Spa Area!

For details on making payments refer to Payments Section below

ALL MEALS & DRINKS are CASH ONLY - Pesos or US Dollars
Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill prefers NOT to accept credit cards for meals or drinks nor are cards accepted in the village.  Please bring Pesos (US cash accpeted but NOT preferred)

There is NO Bank, ATM or Casa de Cambio in Xcalak so BRING cash AKA PESOS
Remember to bring adequate cash (PESOS) for meals, drinks*, massages, excursions*, shopping and expenses*
*even the ones you didn't plan on

US Dollars are widely accepted but most shops, Pemex gas stations & restaurants give a VERY poor exchange rate. So if you convert part of your cash to Pesos you will in effect get a 15% ~ 30% "discount". Contact your bank before leaving home (about 2 weeks early) to advise them you are traveling to Mexico - so don't freeze your card for security - and possibly consider raising your daily withdrawal limit temporarily until your return to "infrastructure". Your own bank may also be a "good" source to exchange pesos.

The BEST EXCHANGE RATE is from Banks or ATM's at banks & "big box" stores.  Convenient "good" ATM's can be found in...

Bancomer Bank (adjacent to Super San Fran grocery store)
Cheddraui (supermarket on the road to the hotel zone)
HSBC Bank (center of town)

Felipe Carrillo Puerto
HSBC Bank (@ Pemex in center of town)

AVOID   changing money at the Airport - you'll get a better exchange rate anywhere else.   If possible also avoid "private" ATM's located at small shops, convenience stores, Pemex, etc, as these usually come with exorbitant fees.   In Mahahual private ATM's spring up in high season, but charge very high fees with low transaction amount limits.

We have found a good SANTANDER ATM in Hotel Mahahual Lobby near the Port  (the hotel is closed but the lobby is open) . There are 2 machines, make sure you using the SANTANDER one.

If you run out of Pesos and have to use Paypal or Credit Card at checkout... there is 5% surcharge. No bring plenty of CASH!

Food & Beverage Options

For the privacy of our guests food & bar service is not open to the public ~ available to registered guests only. EXCEPT ON SATURDAY. 

Deluxe Caribe Breakfast Buffet 
Daily 8:00 ~ 10:00 am

Lunch items available 7 days per week
12:00 noon to 2:00 pm

Dinner is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for our guests only  & Saturday to the Public & Guests

* On our "off" night (Sunday), we recommend you go to Xcalak and enjoy their local cuisine.   (Dinner nights are subject to change for current events)

Cocktail party begins about 6:30 pm (winter months)
7:00-ish when the days are longer (after sunset)

Group seating and "Chef's Choice" menu
1st course served ~7:00 (winter). 7:30-ish (summer)

Tiki Teal's Bar is open on the Honor System from 8:00 am ~ 10:00 pm
Tiki Teal Punch - it's not just Pirate's Breakfast when you are on vacation!

Please Note:
The kitchen is closed 10:00 am-12:00 noon and 2:00-6:00 pm.
Soft drinks & snacks are available in Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill. You'll find an assortment of cookies, chips, nuts & granola bars also in your room for purchase.
$25 -$35 pesos= about $1.50-$2.00 US

Dress code in Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill is super-casual but not fully nude at meals.
Barefoot and/or topless is OK but coverage below the waist is required during lunch and dinner meal times. Dinner is clothing REQUIRED but barefoot is still recommended!

EXCEPTION ON SATURDAYS - when we are open to the public, starting at 5pm., complete clothing is required in around Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill

NEW: Meal Plan is now available at time of booking online. $70 USD per night per couple. Includes Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks. 

We do offer a meal plan which includes: lunch, dinner & dessert, non-alcohol drinks & snacks  (Breakfast already included).

The way this is calculated is by night per couple and includes dinner on CHECK-IN DAY, then lunch and dinner every day with just breakfast on Check-out day. 

We find this to be a great option! If your stay falls on a Sunday (when the kitchen is closed for dinner, you will receive a credit to use towards your bar bill) as we usually all go to dinner together on Sundays at a local restaurant or you are welcome to explore on your own if you have a rental car. 

We do not include alcohol as are prices are very casual and we find that it's better just to use the Honor Bar System and pay your tab at Check-out. 

If you don't choose the Meal Plan, you can add your lunch and dinner ala carte to your Honor Tab and pay at Check-out!

No NEED to carry cash at anytime that you are here!!! (where would you carry it anyway!!!!)

Of course we adjust offerings for food allergies such as shellfish or nuts.  And we can also accommodate vegetarian diets provided you accept some dairy ingredients such as cheese, milk, butter & eggs.

True Vegans - absolutely no animal products tolerated -  should choose a destination with more resources.

Meal variety of any special diet requests will depend on the amount of  ADVANCE NOTICE as monthly trips to the nearest supermarket (2.5 hrs one-way) which greatly limits adaptability on short notice. Thank your for your understanding. 

We encourage our guests to support all the local establishments anytime not just when our Tiki Teal's is closed.

Current options include: (days and times they are open vary by season)

Costa de Cocos Resort's "Reel Inn"

Hotel Tierra Maya's "Maya Grill"

XTC Dive Center's "Coral Grill" - CLOSED As of APRIL 2024 

"The Sunrise" at Sol y Arena

"Sylvia's Loncheria"

You are certainly welcome to bring whatever you want, just give consideration to the following:

A) There are no kitchenettes or mini-fridges in the guest rooms, so if you plan to make lunches, etc. you will also need to bring your own utensils, condiments, etc.   Please do not expect to borrow kitchen cutlery, plates, etc.

B) This is the tropics - food in unsealed containers & spilled crumbs are an open invitation to insects into your room.

C) We do have a few Igloo coolers to loan (no charge) but for power & culinary reasons there is no ice machine here. You will have to provide your own ice.

We make ice cubes the old fashioned way, in small trays (with purified water), and is intended only for drinks purchased in the bar - coolers cannot be filled.  

Bags of ice are usually available at a tienda (store) in the village, but no guarantee.

D) Restrictions on our liquor license do not allow you to bring your own booze into Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill and that includes the Patio during dinner. 

You are welcome to provide your own drinks to enjoy in your room or outside on the beach.

Also realize that our food & drink prices are available at very reasonable prices.
Considering location, logistics, time & trouble your savings may be modest.

The "average" guest ticket for lunch, dinner, & drinks all combined is only about $80 US per day  (per room~couple not per person).

Of course your results may vary, and that also understates your total cash needs to account for offsite meals, excursions, massages, etc.

Most people assume we ask for onsite payments in cash because we are trying to avoid taxes, which I assure you is not the case.  The situation - given that it is a 2.5 hour drive to the nearest Bank or "good" ATM - is that virtually all commerce in Xcalak is conducted in cash.  All our fresh fruits & produce, fish, lobster, beer, and even payroll and taxes (yes, we pay our "fair share")  are all settled in cash.  Unfortunately, given the distance to a bank and the fact that as Americans our overlords deem that any withdrawal of more than $1000/day could only be for criminal purposes, the result is that we are perpetually short of cash.

Guests often ask what can they bring us (tools/parts we might need, current magazines, good chocolate, etc.) ... and the answer is almost always the same: you'll pass hundreds of banks & ATM's in the week preceding your arrival - PLEASE bring a sufficient amount of cash.   And chocolate! (just kidding).  All we ask is that you cover your consumption in cash in order that we can replace those supplies for the next guest.

The best travel advice we've ever heard:
Bring half as many clothes and twice as much cash as you "think" you'll need!
(You can always take it home with you if you don't need it.) Or we can buy them from you!!! 

At Tiki Teal's we offer a full bar.

You will find a variety of bottled beer. We usually have Corona or Sol, Dos Equis Lager, Indio, Tecate Lite. (50 pesos per bottle)

We have a variety wine (red, white, rose) all priced at $295 pesos.

And as for liquor, we have plenty of rum, vodka, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, and a plenty of other liquors.

As for mixers, we have tonic, mineral water, ginger ale, coke and coke lite and a variety of juices! 

Be sure to try some of our special cocktails: Tiki Teal Punch ($100 pesos). Margaritas ($95 pesos), Maryland Orange Crush ($85 pesos) Sonritas ($75 pesos), Not a Pina ($75 pesos), Vitamin Tea ($75 pesos) and more! 

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol to consume in your room or on the beach, just not in our dining room or patio at dinner time! 

Directions, Car Rentals, Airport Shuttle & Bus Service

Playa Sonrisa  is on the Caribbean Sea
Located within Mexico's Costa Maya and "Parque Nacional Arrecifes de Xcalak" (Reefs of Xcalak National Marine Park)

Playa Sonrisa  is ~230 miles south of Cancun - but a world apart!

We are 7 kilometers (~4 miles) north of the tiny fishing village of Xcalak (ishh-kah-lac) which is located on the peninsula that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Bay of Chetumal. Xcalak is about 8 km north of the channel separating Mexico from the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. You can see the geography here: Google Maps.

Yes it is remote - and that's the allure of it!

If the hustle & bustle of high rise hotels, condos, mega resorts, timeshare vendors, franchise restaurants, discos, tee shirt shops, para-gliders, banana tubes & crowds of noisy tourists are your thing - we suggest a vacation in Cancun. But if that sounds just like the everyday Rat Race that you need a break from - the peaceful tranquility & solitude at Playa Sonrisa is just what the Doctor ordered.

Although we are not far from the border, flying to Belize City is no closer than Cancun - with the added complication of a border crossing - so not a practical option unless your agenda already takes you there.

The best access is to fly into Tulum or Cancun. From there you can rent a car or use our professional transportation service and travel the modern highways and good roads to Playa Sonrisa. (2.5 from Tulum or 5 hours from Cancun).  Depending on how late your flight arrives in Cancun, it might be wise to plan an overnight stay in Playa del Carmen or Tulum, as it's a more enjoyable drive in daylight. If you arrive in Tulum by 2pm, you can get here in plenty of time for dinner! Otherwise, you may want to stay in Tulum and head here in the morning! 

Commercial air service is also available to Chetumal connecting through Mexico City. Chetumal is approximately 2.5 hours from Playa Sonrisa, but will probably be more costly for both flights & car rentals as Tulum & Cancun provides the efficiency of large volume tourism.

Coming Soon, the fast Mayan Train will be open and will make stops from Cancun, in Tulum and Limones, which will give you another optional for travel. We will keep you posted on our Facebook Page!

You do NOT need a 4WD vehicle for travel to Playa Sonrisa. Yes, the beach road can be rough, but is passable in small cars even in rainy conditions.

Most major rental companies like Avis, National & Budget have agencies in Cancun and Tulum, but there are also a number of small companies that may (or may not) be more economical on a given day and usually provide better service than the majors.

Some Independent Car Rental Agencies in Cancun:
Advantage         American        Avicar
Caribetur         Econo        Elite
Euoropcar       Executive         VIP

Warning > Do NOT rent from Hertz
They have a contract clause prohibiting travel "off pavement" and used that excuse to Royally Screw a guest who's car broke down for mechanical reasons completely unrelated to our beach road.

Here's a map: CANCUN Airport to Playa Sonrisa to give a general idea of the trip. But please rely on the detailed Driving Directions below which will also be emailed to you for printing out along with your Reservation Confirmation.

Driving Directions
Short version: exit airport & turn right, then left, right, left, left.

Detailed Version:
As you exit the Cancun airport turn south on the modern divided Highway 307 towards Playa del Carmen & Tulum.
This is the busy tourist corridor - you'll notice a decrease in traffic, and pace of life, upon leaving Tulum.

Continue on Hwy 307 through "butterfly alley" towards Chetumal, the Capital of Quintana Roo.

About 100 km (62 miles) south of Tulum is the busy town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

We recommend taking the new "cuota" (toll road) that is a bypass around FCP.
The toll is only ~$30 pesos (~$1.50 US) but avoids the town traffic, and traffic cops.

Continue south on 307 about another hour south of FCP, then 3 km past the village of Limones is a well marked left turn (east) to Mahahual & Xcalak.  (You won't go all the way to Bacalar or Chetumal unless you miss this turn).

Note: you may encounter a military checkpoint near this junction or the next. Don't be alarmed, just tell them you are "turista" going to Xcalak. They may ask you to step out of the car for an inspection and may wish to open the trunk, a suitcase, or beer cooler (ever hopeful for donations - just politely say no) but most tourists just get waived through.

*This checkpoint has not been in operation for a few years now, but don't be alarmed if a temporary operation is underway.
** Unlike the TSA in the USA there are never body searches or pat-downs - cash & valuables in your pockets are perfectly safe.

Continue east 55 km (~36 miles) on the new Mahahual road.

3 kilometers before you reach the coast is a right turn to Xcalak which will be the only available turn onto a paved road that you encounter.

If you see the PEMEX gas station, you went past the turn, but this is 'last chance' for gasoline and we recommend you top off your tank here.

Follow the road south another 55km to the T in the road, turn east towards the ocean (left) and proceed 2 km into Xcalak.  As you enter the village, go left around the soccer field and continue to the waterfront. Look for our Tiki Teal paddles to help assure you are on the correct path. 

Continue north through town (left), meander around the lighthouse and go about half block over to the bridge where the north beach road begins.
(XTC Dive Center will be ~100 meters up on your right).

Continue 7 km north of the bridge to Playa Sonrisa ... and unpack your smile!

And YES - it is worth the trip!
Playa Sonrisa - Not Easy To Get To ... But Harder To Leave!

Door-to-Door Airport Transfers 

We have 3 transportation companies we work with. All are reputable and reliable.

Chac Ek - they offer service from Cancun, Tulum and Chetumal THIS IS OUR GUEST FAVORITE

Fernando Luna Maya - +52-984-127-8023 


Bus / Taxi
There is 2nd Class ("chicken bus" ) service to Xcalak once daily ... except when there isn't ????

There is reliable 1st Class bus service to Limones or Mahahual where a taxi can bring you the rest of the way.
The same taxi will reliably return on your departure day provided you arrange it when he drops you off.
(No taxis are available in Xcalak)

Note: Getting to Playa Sonrisa by bus/taxi is an economical option for experienced travelers who speak some basic Spanish. But keep in mind that Playa Sonrisa is 7 km north of the village and there is no taxi available locally. A rental car will allow you the freedom to explore the coast, take day trips to Mayan ruins, or just run into town on a whim to sample a local restaurant.

From the airport in Cancun you will first need to get to a bus station. Take the airport bus (it's 1st Class) to the bus terminal in Playa del Carmen (~$18 US per person). Optionally a taxi to/from the station in PdC is around $50 US.

From the bus station you have two options - 1st Class or "Chicken Class"
1st Class service on ADO Bus Line is strongly recommended. 
For brevity (and comfort) only this option is described.

There are multiple departures daily on the ADO Bus Line to Limones or Mahahual. Service is 1st Class (A/C, reclining seats, TV's) and will run about $18 per person. Then take a taxi directly to Playa Sonrisa. Since cab fare is basically the same (about $75 one way) from either Limones or Mahahual, choosing to exit the bus at Limones will save time vs. choosing the latter. You will need to arrange for return pick up on your day of departure.

2nd Class "Chicken bus" service on MAYAB Bus Line will only save a few dollars, for comfort & convenience it is NOT recommended.

COMING SOON! Mayan Train from Cancun or Tulum to Limones (1.5 hours from us), then taxi or car service!

Playa Sonrisa is about a 5 hour drive from the airport. Don't forget to factor in about 2 hours for baggage claim, clearing Customs & Immigration, and car rental. Since travel days are stressful anyway many guests choose to break the journey up their first &/or last day in Mexico , depending on flight times.

Marriott Courtyard
Located about 1 km north of the airport on Highway 307. The rooms are very nice and there is a free shuttle from the airport.

Playa del Carmen
Hacienda del Caribe
On 2nd Street - just 1 block from the bus station - and just half a block off of the 5th Ave pedestrian mall. Secure parking lot across the Street (access at corner of 10th Ave & 2nd Street).

Holiday Inn Express
Located on the east side of Highway 307 near the south end of PdC (not near the beach or 5th Ave)

Casa Amor del Sol
Zona Hotelera south, on the east side of road - not beachfront. The owners are Playa Sonrisa alumni and have a clothing-optional hot tub on the roof.

Intima Resort
Up-scale nudist condo-hotel a few blocks east of the highway.

Don Diego de La Selva
Boutique hotel a few blocks west of the highway.

Naturism, Children & Singles Policy

Playa Sonrisa is a casual clothing-optional paradise for adult couples who enjoy the freedom to be naked in the fresh air & sunshine. Unlike many dedicated Nudist Resorts where nudity is expected or even required at the pool, we are a Clothing Optional resort which means that YOU decide to wear as much or as little as you want - your comfort and relaxation are all that count.

~ The vast majority of our guests do 'exercise their options' to get an all-over tan, so if you would be offended by nudity please choose another destination ~

Playa Sonrisa's spacious & uncrowded beach is perfect for 'first-timers' who may be a little shy on arrival, and after a day or two of relaxing discover that "au natural" really is 'natural'. (Warning - you'll never want to swim with clothing again!). And with a wonderfully deserted beach and only six guest rooms it brings up that puzzling philosophical question... If a tree sunbathes in the forest without it's trunks, but nobody is there to see it ... do it's cheeks still get red?

Also be advised it is required that all "plumbing" below the waist be covered up in the dining palapa during meal times - shorts, a towel, or pareo beach wrap must be worn when food service is available. Nor can we condone sexual activity in public. If hot tub "action" or anything-goes sexy parties are what you are looking for we suggest you visit Desires near Cancun or Hedonism in Jamaica. That's not to say we don't like to have fun, or that we've never had 'body shots' in the bar after meal hours, but if orgies are on your agenda please bring your own play partners as our hospitality doesn't extend quite that far. ????

Naturist Couples Only*
*In order to maintain a private & tranquil atmosphere for our hotel guests we permit day passes for only couples only.

Day Use Fee:   $70 US per couple

Hours:   8:00 am - sunset

Day use includes:
Use of public areas, beach loungers, beach baño/shower, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards & snorkeling gear plus access to Tiki Teal's Bar & Grill w/ Lunch & beverages available a la carte. 

Please let us know in advance what date you are planning to visit so that we are sure to be here to greet you and have extra beverages chilled!

Playa Sonrisa is promoted as a Couples Paradise.   We are "Family Oriented" in terms of appropriate public behavior, but our guests are almost exclusively Naturist couples seeking tranquility & total relaxation, both of which are compromised by the presence of children.

We do occasionally accept Naturist families* in summertime, but only during slow times with no pre-existing reservations by couples who reasonably expect Playa Sonrisa to be an adults only venue. In that situation the charge is $25/day for each extra occupant sharing a room.

*Playa Sonrisa is not 'child-proofed' therefore all guests must have completed 1st Grade and be capable of following simple guidelines.


We are NOT concerned with guest's marital status, sexual orientation or intimate activities w/consenting partner(s) in the privacy of your room. But we are very much concerned with preserving a comfortable atmosphere for our core guests - Naturist couples.

Playa Sonrisa is a very small & intimate facility. We are "Family Oriented" in terms of appropriate public behavior, but in practice our guests are almost exclusively Naturist couples seeking tranquility & relaxation, not hoping for a hook-up. Although we have plenty of secluded areas on our beach & dock to spread out & enjoy your own space, in such a small venue it's difficult for solo travelers not to feel out of place around the few other couples so we encourage singles to bring a travel companion with them.

Of course, our guests (and Naturists in general) are almost universally very friendly, and our guests enjoy the opportunity provided by our small venue to make new friends, but please realize that our guests have chosen Playa Sonrisa specifically because we are small & quiet, not crowded & socially hyperactive. Xcalak is also a very small community (population ~300, over half of which are children), therefore singles lacking companionship may want to choose a venue where they can blend in rather than stand out.

Payment, Deposit & Cancellation Policy


Our posted rated reflect these discounts. (not on top of advertised rate)

November - December-January: 10%
Feb-Mar-Apr: 0
May-June-July: 15%
Aug-Sept-Oct: 25%

In addition to Seasonal Discounts, we also offer:


10% Additional Off to Members of any Nudist Club or Organization.
Thank you for your financial support of Naturism. Please message us for the code.

~ or ~
15% Additional Discount for Returning Guests. 
(past visit of 3 nights or more) Please message us for the code. 


***Coupon Code Needed to get Additional Discounts. Please email or What'sApp us before booking to get additional discounts.***

We are excited to announce that we are now using a booking portal but you may always reach out to us with questions or help with booking on-line. (Yes, you can still email/call to book if you prefer)

For ease of booking portal deposit as it calculates deposit automatically will be as follows: 

  • 3 Nights = 100% Deposit
  • 4 Nights = 75% Deposit
  • 5 Nights = 60% Deposit
  • 6+ Nights - 50% Deposit

Due to the unreliable communication infrastructure
Payment of the lodging balance by card or e-transfers is due in advance of arrival
unless paying your lodging balance onsite in PESOS (Cash).


Now paid using our On-line Booking Portal


  • Cancellation 120+ days in advance receives a refund minus $25 Cancellation Fee
  • Cancellation 90-119 days in advance receives a refund minus 1 night Cancellation Fee
  • Cancellation 30 - 59 days in advance receives a CREDIT* minus a 3 night Cancellation Fee
  • Cancellations 29 days or less in advance forfeit the 3 night / 50% Deposit

The Fine Print
*Future reservations will require a NEW 3 night/50% Confirmation Deposit
Cancellation CREDIT will apply to lodging balance, valid for Off Peak lodging (May-Nov) and expires 24 months from the original arrival date.

Cancellation Fees may be waived in the event of Force Majuere.
Force Majuere includes major system wide travel disruptions due to Tropical Storm or winter blizzard (or pandemic) but not 'routine' late arrivals or personal circumstances such as 'my boss ate my ticket'.

Fees may be waived for "rescheduling" vs. "cancellation" depending on lead time & seasonal factors.

Important ~ We are on Eastern Standard Time all 12 months of the year
The State of Quintana Roo does NOT observe Daylight Savings Time (Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum, Chetumal, Xcalak)

Please observe Check-In Time between 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Early arrivals will incur the 'Day Use' fee of $35 US per person.
Late arrivals will find the gate closed and locked.

* Note:  The Kitchen is CLOSED 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm.  >> which means lunch is not available upon arrival <<

Check-Out Time: 11:00 am
Late departures subject to 'Day Use' fee of $35 US per person.

Wedding, & Private Events

Absolutely! We can accommodate parties on premise of up to 6 rooms - 12 or so).  If you need more rooms, we can help you find a room at a nearby B&B for the rest of your party. 

If reserving the entire resort for your special event, you may require clothing mandatory or NOT...up to you. ????

Please explore our complete wedding packages here. 

Of course!  We'd love to host your business or wellness retreats, we even host our own!

We offer complete all-inclusive packages as well as end to end transportation, excursions etc.

Please visit our Event packages here.

Feel free to reach out to discuss any custom needs. Nothing like hosting a tax-deductable trip for your team or clients!

These events are usually Clothing Required Events but we are open to Naturist Retreats as well. 

Yes, we have our own Dive Center on-site. We work with a local Dive Team that picks you up at our dock and has everything you need. 

We can offer you all-inclusive packages for your dive family.

If you are a Dive Master and want to coordinate an amazing experience for your clients, please message us.  (Clothing can be required or not ????)

If you are a Diver, check out one of our upcoming scheduled dive weeks already planned on our Facebook Page.